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Curriculum and Faculty

  • Two kinds of English course are offered. One is required General English Courses, and the other is selective General English Courses.
  1. Required General English Courses
  • This kind of course comprises 4 levels: Basic, Intermediate, Higher-Intermediate, and Advanced
  1. Selective General English Courses
  • ETC and DFLL are responsible for enacting the structure for English Courses (required and selective). With more teachers offering courses, students who are in the middle of taking courses, who have complete required courses, and who have met the English Proficiency Standard have more opportunities to choose courses of more diversity. In the spring semester in 2019, the selective courses offered by ETC were “Advanced English Listening and Speaking,” “English for Science and Technology.” In the spring semester in 2020, ETC is scheduled to offer “Advanced English Writing,” and “English Though Movies, Media, and TV Series.”