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1. Q: If I complete the General English courses, have I fulfilled NSYSU's undergraduate English graduation requirement?

A: According to the Undergraduate Student English Proficiency Development Methods, students registering during and after the 100 academic year (transfer and foreign students included) are required to take 4 credits of General English courses and reach the English Proficiency Standard of NSYSU. In other words, students must attain 4 credits AND pass any of the indicated official English proficiency tests to fulfil the requirement.

2. Q
:Are there any alternatives if my English proficiency test scores fail to meet the requirement?

A: Besides retaking the relevant tests until the standard is reached, other options are to:

    1) pass NSYSU's English Proficiency Test and reach the standard. The test is free to take the first time and 500 NTD for subsequent retakes. 
    2) take the Extended English Course and fulfill its requirements. The course is 3 hours a week and does not count toward academic credits; more information is available in the "Selection System for the 
Extended English Course" section. The course costs 1,010 NTD x 3 hours = 3,030 NTD.
reach an equivalent grade of TOEIC 550 or above in a university-approved official English proficiency test, and attend the English Learning Process Certification Program.

3. Q
When and how often does NSYSU's
 English Proficiency Test take place? 

AThe test is typically held twice a year, once during each semester. Test information is announced by the ends of May and December, respectively. As the test times are subject to change, please see the announcements for more details. 

4. Q
Can I use the transcrip
t for an English proficiency test taken before attending the university to fulfil the English Proficiency Standard? 


A:Test transcripts are valid for 2 years after taking the test. For instance, a test with eligible scores taken during the summer of a student's 3rd high school year is valid for cerification until the end of the student's 1st year in NSYSU.