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The English Teaching Center (ETC) at National Sun Yat-sen University was established o July 14, 2011. ETC is a secondary Task Force teaching center, whose primary duty is to organize the courses of General English, verify students’ fulfillment of English Proficiency Standard, and operate the English Plaza. ETC consists of a director and a special assistant. The director is jointly served by the Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (DFLL) and is responsible for organizing the affairs of the center. The special assistant’s duty includes assessing and integrating the affairs. The Meeting of English Teaching Task Force features as the chief meeting with a committee of 7 members. The committee comprises the director, teachers from DFLL as the ex officio member (including one convener and four chiefs for every level of General English). A full-time teacher in the DFLL recommended by the chair of the department is included in the committee as well.

Job Description of the Center

  1. The Curriculum Design, Implementation, Offering, and Execution of Required English Courses
  1. The affairs of General English
  2. Assessing and planning of the regulation of General English and evaluating of the teaching materials
  3. Conducting the students’ level classifying, upgrading, and adjusting.
  4. Conducting the credit transfer for General English
  5. Conducting mid-term and final exam.
  6. Conducting exceptional circumstance in student course selecting
  7. Arranging the meetings for English Teaching Task Force
  8. Holding the level classifying test for transfer and foreign students.
  9. Planning and holding English related competitions
  10. Integrating the General English courses with the softwares used in English Plaza
  11. Amending the related regulations
  1. The Curriculum Design, Implementation, Offering, and Execution of Selective English Courses
  • ETC and DFLL are responsible for the structure designing for the English selective courses for the students at this university. With more engagement of the full-time teachers in opening courses, students who have completed the required English courses or have fulfilled the graduation requirement in English Proficiency Standard can have more choices for different courses and satisfy the need fro different professional fields. At present, ETC has opened “Advanced English Listening and Speaking,” “Technical English,” and English through Movies, Media, TV Series.”
  1. Plan, Execution, and Verification of English Learning Portfolio Project
  1. In addition to taking English tests off campus, students can also choose to take part in the English Learning Portfolio Project. ETC has designed and planned dividers English learning related activities to encourage students to use English more. These activities are rich in different learning content. For example, students can make an appointment with English tutors for an one-on-one consultation. They can also complete some tasks of English writing or speaking. Moreover, students can make a great use of English self-learning softwares or take part in overseas volunteer projects. Students can acquire points from the above activities. When they collect the required amount of points, they are approved as completing the English Learning Portfolio Project.
  1. Verification of students’ Fulfillment of the English Proficiency Standard
  1. Enacting the graduation requirement in English Proficiency
  2. Inspecting and Statistics Gathering of the passing rate of English tests.
  3. Conducting the affairs of intramural English test, inclusive of grading, statistics gathering, and analyzing
  4. Propagandizing different English tests
  5. Enacting and amending the related regulation of English Proficiency standard and its execution
  6. Planning and verifying students’ fulfillment of English Learning Proficiency
  1. Plan and Conduct Innovative English Learning in Multicultural Environment Project
  1. Hosting lectures and speeches related to the learning of diverse cultures.
  2. Hosting sharing sessions of teaching and learning of multicultural environments
  3. Writing, amending, presenting the project of English Learning in Multicultural Environment.
  4. Attending the related lectures and speeches in the Ministry of Education (MOE), and presenting the results of the project
  5. Making record of online course of the project for MOE
  1. Propaganda of the Intramural Education
  • ETC and DFLL are responsible propagandizing the intramural English education, planning the related activities and learning resources, and designing the required and selective courses. With efforts made by the full-time teachers in DFLL, students at this university can have more opportunities to engage in more and diverse courses and learning English.
  1. Hosting the National Speech and Poem Recitation Contest
  • The contest is annually held by ETC in DFLL and American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) collaboratively. The contest includes three categories: English Poem Recitation for Senior High School Students, English Speech Contest for non-English major collegiate students, and another English Speech contest for English major collegiate students.
  1. Holding Intramural Writing Contest
  • The contest is held by ETC in every Spring semester.